Office and Factory/Warehouse

Head Office and Factory/Warehouse


Multiguna Niaga Area Stage, Jl. Tanjung No. 23 Kawasan BIIE
Lippo Cikarang, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat Indonesia

Contact Tel: +62-21-8990-0523 Fax: +62-21-8990-0524
Site Area 824 m2
Building Area 400 m2
Products 1. Export/Import Howa & Other Machine Produtcs (Machine tools, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and Other Prducts
2. Proposal Engineering
3. Total Engineering
4. Service Engineering
5. Set-Up/Repair/Modification of Variouse Industrial machines
6. Sales/Set-up/Repair Generator Set
sweepers, metal joinery fittings and firearms