Our Business

We offer machinery and equipment for a broad range of markets with a focus on machine tools including parts and accessories, after-sales services, installation, set-up, repair and modification of various machine tools.

Besides having experienced local (Indonesian) engineers we also have some Japanese staff who are highly skilled in engineering and maintenance of various industrial machines as well as Machine Tools.

HOWA Machining Line With Engineering

Proposal Engineering, We are able to be a partner to achieve your company goals by analyzing the desire of the company such as production volume, product quality and installation location. Then we will provide the production method, required equipment and process examination by optimizing the equipment, cost and layout.

Total Engineering, For the achievement of your needs, we are able to provide all the required equipment such as Machine Tools, JIG, Tooling, Transportation, Accessories Unit, Software, Internet of Things and Tryout.

HOWA Machine Tool Accessories (Power Chuck & Cylinder)

Howa Machinery's pneumatic and hydraulic equipment is offered in a wide range of configurations and features cutting-edge technologies that fulfill the diversifying needs of customers in terms of labor saving, rationality and quality improvement. Howa Machinery's power chucks for lathes and rotating cylinders are among the best in the industry, demonstrating their capability to handle any type of work, which has earned them a strong reputation among customers. Since becoming the first in Japan to launch a rodless cylinder back in 1973 Howa Machinery have gone on to develop a number of varied types that have contributed significantly to industry automation, made equipment more compact and lowered cost structures.

HOWA Industrial Sweepers & Scrubbers

Sweepers help pave the way for cleaner, comfortable and more people-friendly working environments. Our lineup of small-to-large industrial sweepers and scrubbers are used in a wide range of areas and applications, including factories, public facilities and leisure facilities.


Service Engineering

We are one of the companies in Indonesia that provide installation and various services for Machine Tools and Generator Set. Since established in September 2001, we have done a lot of works on installing and repairing Machine Tools and Generator set. We currently have lots of customers in many areas of Indonesia.

Besides having experienced local (Indonesian) engineers, we also have some Japanese staff who are highly skilled in engineering and maintenance of various industrial machines as well as Machine Tools.

Generator Set

With our experience as a genset distributor, we will help you through our project management team. Our engineers and project managers will work together to meet your needs. At each stage of the project, we will work with you to ensure that the project is successful.
When your company has its own generator as a source of electrical energy, you will be able to enjoy a great benefit in a production facility and a construction project site.
If you are looking for a supplier, please contact us to get the necessary generator. We have various types of generators that can be selected according to the capacity and model. No need to worry about after sales service and quality of goods, we always provide you the best.
We realize that buying a generator is a good investment  for you to smoothly perform day-to-day operations and to avoid disruptions. To ensure it, we will provide you with after-sales service by our experienced experts in the field so that you will realize that a Genset purchase is a right choice for your company.

Elementless Filter FILSTAR

Filstar presents new generation, no-element filtration technology which efficiently separates solid from liquid down to 1 micron. It takes filtration to new levels of ease and effectiveness; separating solid from liquid using the flow. Each single block, compact unit is maintenance free; having no moving parts and no element to clog. The problems of element exchange, down time or back flush and the expense of multiple units are removed.
Filstar : needs no space for drainage equipment or bulky waste. It works better and is more durable than the often problematic hydrocyclonic separators; providing more cleared liquid and drier solid.
Filstar can be a precision filter at 1 micron particle size. It requires power for the pump and an automatic drain, if that is fitted for the extra benefits it provides. This is quite unlike other equally effective, but bulky, complex and expensive separators.

NEPHRON Oil Cleaning System

Oil is one of the decisive factors to extend engine life in machine operation, whether for production machines, hydraulics, diesel generator sets and other machines that use oil as a lubricant.
In general, oil serves as a lubricant to avoid direct friction on the part of the touching machine, as a bearing on the rotating shafts and as a coolant.
Therefore technological developments at this time have come to the effort of using lubricant oil efficiently. One of the expected objectives is the use of semi-permanent oil so that no more oil changes and no more waste oil used. It only takes a little extra because there is oil that burns and evaporates.
By using NEPHRON Filter is not required additive additions because in the Nephron Filter there are already several types of additives such as ALKALI (Zinc Dialkyl Ditiophosphate) to neutralize sulfur, acid and sulfur.
Using NEPHRON Filter is not required oil change because the filter is made with filter technology that can absorb dirt up to the size of 1 μm.